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Before cleaning your garments, always carefully read the instructions on the care label. Wrong cleaning can cause irreversible damage to your suits and shorts. Also, avoid over-cleaning your suits, dry-cleaning your suit too often will wear away the natural fibers and take some years off. If you suit is clearly duly then take it to the cleaners, otherwise, use a lint roller or spot clean with water and a soft towel on small stains will suffice.

For cotton and linen shirts, it is best to wash them in cold/warm water, and hang to dry. If you tumble dry, use low heat to avoid shrinking. We do not recommend dry cleaning shirts.


Use a steamer instead of an iron. If you want to prolong the life of your suit, get a steamer. Never use a normal dry iron directly on your suit as it will bum the fibers and add a sheen to the material. But, if your steamer isn’t doing the job you need, bring it to the cleaners and ask them to press it.


Always hang your suits in your closet. To make sure your suit maintain its form, we advise using wood or plastic hangers with rounded edges. These offer a more natural shape that fills out the shoulder nicely, and allows it to sit and drape nicely. When it sits for a day or two, the suit will naturally go back to its original drape.


The best way to pack your suit is to roll it. Turn the suit inside out, put the shoulders together, and roll it up, be careful to make sure the seams and lapels are lined up as you fold, then do an easy loose roll from the bottom up. Good news for fans of the carry-on.


If you have trouble with your dress pants falling off the hanger, you can use this slightly less traditional method of hanging to keep them off the ground. Firstly, hold your pants upside down, with the legs straddling the hanger. Then, fold one leg in through the hanger, pulling the leg all the way down so the bottom hem sits right above the crotch of the pants. Then, just fold the second leg over the first, and your pants should stay in place.


Use a suit bag. Some of your suits are seasonal. You probably won’t be wearing any of your heavy wool suits in the middle of summer. Before putting any suits away for the season have them dry cleaned before you put them away. If you have an overly dusty wardrobe make sure to store them in a suit bag.