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At The Sages, we’ve no desire to add to the excessive waste that piles up in landfill. Currently, that’s where 37% of the world’s waste ends up. It’s an environmental concern and it’s only getting worse.

We don’t have the wool pulled over our eyes in terms of the fashion industry’s role in this ongoing crisis. The rise of fast fashion has been at the heart of a clothing industry that is increasingly contributing to the problem. One of the issues is the surfeit of poor-quality items built with short-termism is mind. At The Sages, that’s not what we’re about. Our goal is lasting quality, sustainable menswear: we want our clothing to remain a faithful friend for life.

To achieve that, we’ve looked closely at our supply chain to reinforce the philosophy of Slow Fashion. We have outlined below our commitment to the creation of sustainable, classic clothing to stand the test of time.


What does Slow Fashion mean? It means not chasing trends. Instead, we create classic styles that stand the test of time. We introduce layers and aim for versatile, classic statements.

Everything we produce comes from our own hands or from local artisans. That means we stay in control of our supply chain and workforce. You’ll never find us growing beyond our means to make a short-term profit. With The Sages, everything is about the craft. You’ll find exceptional value in every stitch of every garment.

It’s all part of our conscious decision to put the environment at the heart of every element of our business. We have processes in place that we never stop reviewing.



Ordering fabric individually allows us to keep stocked fabrics to a minimum and avoid overstocking and wasted space.

But returns can also lead to unwanted inventory. Not so with our customers. You’re a conscious consumer – investing in a tailormade piece that you intend to keep for a long time. So you take an active and thoughtful role in the purchasing process. This gives you a unique perspective on our clothing. It also minimizes returns, which helps to avoid unwanted stocks.

We’re proud to source fabric from mills that uphold these values and instil sustainable practices into their processes: Vitale Barberis CanonicoAlbini & Thomas MasonMarzotto Group.


We ship all our clothing in 100% recyclable boxes made of 70% recycled paper. We send shipments by FedEx or DHL – businesses also committed to sustainability through programs such as EarthSmart and the UN Goals for Sustainable Development by 2030.

Thank you for sharing our beliefs.