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The dress shirt is no longer unfamiliar to Vietnamese and people worldwide, especially those seeking bespoke tailoring. As a trusted provider of bespoke suits, we understand the importance of finding the perfect fit. 

A premium bespoke suit tailored by The Sages Bespoke

Many people mistakenly believe that shirts are just everyday wear without realizing the transformative power of a well-fitted tailored shirt. Our expert tailors ensure that each custom shirt is meticulously crafted to enhance your appearance, boost your confidence, and exude professionalism. So, what makes a well-fitted shirt? This is a question that often arises by many people when buying off-the-rack or getting tailored shirts.

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The collar plays a vital role in a bespoke dress shirt as it complements the area where a tie is worn. To ensure precise measurements, button the shirt’s top button and assess the collar’s fit. A properly tailored dress shirt will feature a collar that snugly embraces the neck without feeling tight or loose. Avoid the discomfort of an overly tight collar or the loss of shape caused by an excessively wide collar. An ideal fit offers a close embrace with enough room to slide in a finger comfortably. 

A well-fitted collar will make you look stylish and feel comfortable all day long



The shoulders play a crucial role in a well-fitted shirt. When it comes to bespoke tailoring, the shoulders are carefully crafted to ensure a perfect fit. The shoulder seams of a bespoke shirt follow the natural line of your shoulders, providing both elegance and comfort. Unlike ready-to-wear shirts, which often have generic shoulder measurements, a bespoke shirt is tailored to your specific shoulder slope, eliminating any unsightly wrinkles or tightness.

The well-fitted shoulders of a shirt should end precisely at the starting point of the shoulders



The chest area is crucial for both mobility and comfort in any bespoke garment. A properly tailored shirt will provide adequate coverage for your chest while allowing freedom of movement. A tight-fitting chest can cause button strain and discomfort, hindering your mobility. Conversely, an oversized chest will result in excess fabric, leading to an unflattering fit. For the perfect fit, trust the expertise of bespoke tailoring to ensure your shirt compliments your chest measurements flawlessly.


A well-fitted chest enhances your posture while allowing comfortable movement



The armhole area may not be commonly known, but it holds significant importance and can have a substantial impact on other areas like the chest and shoulders. Many off-the-rack shirts are designed with wider armhole sections to accommodate various body types. However, this often leads to an unflattering and baggy look in the armpit area. A properly tailored shirt, on the other hand, will fit snugly around the armpits, allowing for comfortable movement and a more refined appearance. Avoid the discomfort and limited mobility caused by tight armpit areas. 




The fitted body of a bespoke shirt enhances your physique, minimizing wrinkles and creating a sleek appearance. Avoid the bulky and wrinkled look caused by ill-fitting shirts. 


Made-to-measure shirts ensure a well-fitted waist area



The fit of the shirt cuffs is influenced by whether you wear a watch or not. A properly fitting shirt cuff should snugly wrap around your wrist with enough room to insert a finger. If you wear a watch regularly, you may require slightly larger cuffs to accommodate it.

Bespoke shirts allow you to choose the width of the cuffs



A well-fitting long-sleeved shirt is when the cuff covers your wrist bone. It is important to choose the right shirt length, especially if you plan to wear it with a blazer or a suit. The sleeves of the shirt should be slightly longer, about 1.5 – 2 cm, than the jacket sleeves for a stylish look. 

The proper sleeve length will ensure a polished appearance when wearing a jacket or suit.

If you’re struggling to find shirts that fit perfectly, consider tailoring one for you since it will definitely lift your appearance up. In case, you have couple ill-fitted shirts at home, you could also think of alteration services. Our expert tailors can help you customize the details to create a shirt that meets your specific preferences.


In this article, you have learned valuable tips on recognizing a properly fitted shirt. If you have any inquiries or require additional guidance, feel free to reach out to our hotline at +84 886 219 608 or engage with us on our Facebook fan page. We are here to provide the assistance you need.