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Dormeuil is a world-renowned manufacturer of suiting and coating fabrics made of merino wool, silk, cashmere and vicuna. Based in France, it combines the age-old British traditions with modern technologies to produce luxury fabrics of premium quality.

Dormeuil 15 Point 7

The House of Dormeuil supplies plain and patterned worsted wool fabrics, as well as cashmere, silk and mohair blends. Some of the most popular collections include Ambassador, Exel, Amadeus, Aquaplan, Cashmere Supreme.

Creating Dormeuil’s fabrics is part art, part science and part nature. Following these pillars, Dormeuil feeds on the astonishing quality of carefully selected raw materials, the expertise gained in 170 years of tradition and the aid of modern technology, a factor crucial to innovation and improvement.

The noble fibers harvested for Dormeuil cloths are as diverse as the animals they come from, animals sometimes so rare that are only found in the most secluded corners of the world, like the Muskox, an ancestral beast that survived the ice age, or the Kyrgyzstan goats of the Celestial Mountains.

But the quality of the fibers used is not the only reason for the success of the mill. The real secret is the ability of combining those fibers to produce yarns with astounding properties, a process that is mastered by the reputed skill of English manufacturers. The production of Dormeuil fabrics also hinges on technology, and the ability to use the latest innovations to introduce new finishes and factors to improve the performance of fabrics and keep the wearer comfortable in different environments. Finally, a touch of sophistication is added by the flair of the company’s design team based in Paris. Designers passing on the passion of creativity combine yarns of different colors with a variety of weaves and textures, making French elegance one of Dormeuil’s signatures.