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Certain fabrics make excellent summer suits. In the hotter months, silk is one of those suit fabrics, alongside cotton and linen, that’s talked about as being a cooler option.

Trouble is, silk suits tend to wrinkle easily. Silk suits are also liable to fade in direct sunlight.

So what about a silk blend suit? You’ll enjoy all of the summer-wear advantages of a lightweight silk suit with the support of wool.

As with all wool blends, your mix should be primarily wool – 80/20 is recognised as the best ratio. Adding 20% silk to the blend also adds a little shine, which makes it a good option for formal evening wear.

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What Is Silk?

Firstly, though, what is silk? Silk is a protein fibre that’s harvested from the larvae cocoons of silkworms. It can be spun into long filaments and woven into textiles. However, it’s very rare to find a 100% silk suit. A blend with wool or cotton is the usual procedure.

The Pros Of Silk And Silk Blend Suits

  • Silk blend suits are incredibly light, which gives the fabric a soft, luxury feel.
  • Silk takes colour well.
  • Silk has a natural protein structure, which means it’s highly hypoallergenic.
  • It’s also a great temperature regulator and is surprisingly warm in winter.
  • Silk is absorbent and dries very quickly, resisting moisture superbly, hence its popularity in tropical zones.
  • It will absorb a third of its weight in water before it feels damp.
  • Silk is a strong fibre, with tensile strength that compares well with steel yarn.
  • Silk is often the fabric of choice for people in Subtropical & Tropical climates.

The Cons Of Silk And Silk Blend Suits

  • Silk suits tend to show water marks and sweat marks rather too easily.
  • They don’t breathe as well as linen.
  • As with other lightweight suit fabrics, silk wrinkles easily and creasing can become permanent if not dealt with quickly.
  • Unless mixed with another fabric, silk suits might also be seen as lacking in professionalism in the office and more appropriate for a night out in Marina Bay or a New York rooftop bar.