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hoosing the right business shirt is essential to emphasis your unique qualities. We work 5-6 days a week and these days plays a very pivotal role in defining our personality but a wrong wardrobe selection can spoil the whole personality image.

Do not fear for picking the right shirt that shows off your charming personality, just you should know where to start and here’s presenting quick tips on picking the best dress shirt.


The Fit of the Shirt:
  • Look for signage on labels eg Classic Fit, Tailored Fit, Slim Fit. 
  • Know your body build slim, average or stocky .
  • Ascertain your correct collar size and consider the shape of collar you prefer.
  • Look for brands that offer longer or shorter sleeves if you are not average height for your build.
  • Understand that younger pitched brands often offer fits that are smaller than mature brands on a size for size basis.
The Design:
  • Unlike casual wear, business shirt design changes, but subtly.
  • Small printed fabrics are now popular alongside the usual plains checks and stripes. 
  • The most important thing is, to keep up to date, this tells people you care about your appearance.
The Design:
  • A mix of cotton and polyester shirts are generally comfortable and easy to manage and affordable. 
  • Pure Cotton, 2 ply cotton, Swiss cotton, Egyptian cotton are better but more expensive.
The Colour:
  • White and shades of blue are always available and suit all complections and form a core basic range for your wardrobe.
  • Choose an impressive tie on plain coloured shirt fabrics.
  • Consider if your shirt or tie will be the statement , don’t make them fight each.
  • Ties are least required on shirts that have their own personality.
  • Other core colours include greys, black, navy, shades of red to pink, lilacs.
  • Earth tone colours are rarely used for business shirts.