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How long does it take to alter a suit?

The question, “How long does it take to alter a suit?” is a common inquiry at The Sages Bespoke. Join us as we delve into providing comprehensive answers to this frequently asked question.

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Things To Know Before Altering A Suit

What Are The Indicators That A Suit Requires Alterations?

Achieving the perfect fit is paramount when it comes to a well-tailored suit. Donning a suit that fits just right not only instills confidence and comfort but also accentuates your figure, camouflaging any imperfections and leaving a lasting positive impression on those around you.

On the flip side, a suit that is too tight, too loose, or improperly sized can result in discomfort and hinder your ability to make a favorable impression. This is precisely when contemplating alterations for your ill-fitting suit becomes a sensible choice.

How long does it take to altering a suit

Length Alteration

Sleeves Length

This is one of the common issues that customers often inquire about when seeking suit alterations at The Sages Bespoke. This problem frequently arises, especially with off-the-rack suits. One of the most noticeable signs is when the jacket sleeves are significantly longer than the wrist bone, typically exceeding 1.5 cm. Normally, the standard sleeve length of a jacket should neatly cover your wrist bone.

To rectify this issue, the tailor first needs to examine the sleeve to determine the type of cuff buttons you have.

Non-functioning Sleeve Buttons:

The tailor will adjust the sleeve length from the wrist area. 

The estimated alteration time is around 2 days.

Functioning Sleeve Buttons:

In this case, the tailor will assess whether to shorten from the bottom of the sleeve or from the top of the shoulder, depending on the desired length adjustment. For jackets with functional sleeve buttonholes already in place, adjustments from the shoulder might be preferred to preserve the aesthetic of the garment.

Estimated alteration time:

  • Shortening from the sleeve: Approximately 2 days
  • Shortening from the shoulder: Approximately 3-4 days
Jacket Length

The standard length of a suit jacket body typically extends to touch the knuckles of the wearer’s fingers. Therefore, if your jacket is longer or shorter, it’s advisable to bring it to a tailor for assessment and adjustments.

Shortening the length of a jacket is generally easier than lengthening it. When lengthening, the tailor will check if there is any seam allowance to work with. However, the tailor can usually only extend the length by a maximum of 1 cm.

For lengthening, depending on the pocket placement, the tailor may be able to extend the jacket by a maximum of approximately 3 cm.

Estimated alteration time: Around 2-3 days

Trousers Length

The appropriate length of the trousers often depends on individual dressing preferences. Generally, shortening the length of trousers (commonly referred to as hemming) is easier than lengthening them.

The decision to lengthen the pants will also depend on the amount of seam allowance available at the hem. For ready-to-wear trousers, the seam allowance is typically around 4cm. For bespoke trousers, the amount of fabric available will depend on the customer’s instructions during the tailoring process.

Estimated alteration time: Around 1 day

Width Adjustment

Shoulder Width

For adjusting the width of the shoulders, narrowing them is generally simpler than widening. The extent of narrowing depends on the assessment made by the tailor when you visit the store. Due to the complexity of the shoulder area for alterations, the time required for this adjustment is usually longer compared to other areas.

Estimated alteration time: Approximately 3-5 days.

Conversely, widening the shoulders is nearly impossible as there is usually insufficient seam allowance in the shoulder area for such adjustments.

Torso Width

For the width of the torso, you’ll notice this issue when you try on the suit. Similar to the shoulder area, taking in the torso can be simpler compared to letting it out. For a tight suit, the extent of taking in the torso will depend on the assessment of the tailor when you visit the shop.

When adjusting the width of the jacket torso, the feasibility relies on the seam allowance initially left on your jacket. Typically, for correcting a snug fit, the jacket torso can be expanded by a maximum of approximately 2-3 cm.

Anticipated alteration time: Approximately 3-5 days

Adjusting The Width Of Trousers: Waist – Seat – Hips – Pant Legs

The regions of trousers, including the waist, seat, hips, and pant legs, are susceptible to tightness or looseness, often requiring necessary adjustments.

Adjusting the waist, hips, and pant legs is relatively straightforward, similar to other areas on the jacket. However, altering the seat of the trousers is a more intricate process, and there may be limited or no room for reduction.

In cases where trousers are too tight, the possibility of letting out depends on the seam allowance left in the product.

Estimated alteration time: Approximately 2-3 days.

Replace The Damaged Parts

Button Replacement

The duration for button replacement varies, contingent on the chosen button type. 

Typically, standard buttons (made of plastic) can be replaced more swiftly compared to distinctive buttons (like horn, corozo, or metal buttons).

Estimated time for button replacement: Around 1-2 days (depending on the button type).

Zipper Replacement

The time needed for zipper slider replacement may vary based on the current workload of the tailor.

Estimated replacement time: Approximately 2-3 days, subject to the workload at that time.

Replace The Inner Lining

For replacing the inner lining of the suit, the time required will depend on the workload at the tailor shop, as well as the specific items you wish to replace.

Estimated replacement time: Approximately 3-5 days

Seams Re-stitching

The duration for re-stitching seams on a suit is contingent upon the current workload at the tailor shop.

Estimated time for re-stitching: Approximately 2-3 days

Repairing a torn suit


For repairing a torn suit, reweaving is the only way to ‘rescue’ your outfit. Reweaving is one of the most intricate and meticulous suit repair techniques. Consequently, the waiting time for this procedure can extend to weeks.

Reweaving time: Approximately 1-2 weeks.

Is It Possible For Urgent Alterations?

Urgent suit alterations are frequently inquired about at The Sages Bespoke, particularly when there’s a pressing need for a suit, like approaching significant events. However, as highlighted earlier, only a few simple tasks, such as lengthening trousers or sleeves or replacing buttons, can be expedited or completed within a short timeframe. Conversely, more intricate alterations that necessitate in-depth intervention, involving the disassembly of various layers in the suit for adjustments, typically take time and cannot be rushed, ensuring the quality of the work.

Reliable Suit Alteration Services

The Tailor Shop Provides Reliable Suit Alteration Services In Ho Chi Minh City

In Ho Chi Minh City, The Sages Bespoke stands out as a distinguished tailor shop, situated at 260 Le Thanh Ton, District 1. We provide exclusive in-shop suit alteration services, ensuring a premium experience for our clients. 

Average Alteration Price

The starting price for suit alterations at The Sages Bespoke is from 290,000 VND, with costs varying depending on the specific modifications you require.

After reading this article, you should have gained insights into the typical time frames for altering your suit. If you require any alterations for your suit, feel free to reach out to us through our hotline at +84 886 219 608 or initiate a chat on our Facebook fan page for personalized assistance.

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