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When modern gentlemen become more and more stylish, tailoring suits has become a smart choice. Most often, tailors will start with the fabric after asking for some basic information. If you don’t prepare yourself with the knowledge in advance, you will definitely be confused when you hear advice like “This fabric color suits you, that color also suits you very well”, or “I made this set first and then next time.” Then sew the other set, or you should sew both.” In such a consulting matrix, how do you make the most suitable choice?

The Sages’ advice is that when tailoring a suit, don’t start with the fabric, you start with yourself with the following checklist:

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Do you know what your body shape is and what your skin tone is? These are two extremely important questions in getting the right suit.
There are people whose upper body (back) is longer than their lower body (legs) or gymers who practice bodybuilding often have a rather large upper body but slimmer legs. In those cases, the outfit layout must be scientifically calculated. Or the wearer has physical weaknesses such as shoulder deviation, one arm is longer than the other or many people have a sagging back – a quite common office disease. Therefore, consultants and tailors need to have a comprehensive understanding of body shape to be able to cover up these weaknesses in how to advise on fabric material selection and tailoring methods.
Once you understand your body shape, you need to understand your skin pigmentation to find the color group that best compliments your skin – often called your main color palette (power color). There are colors that look beautiful to you due to the influence of movies and models, but when you wear them, they will darken your skin or make it more yellow, but there are also colors that make your skin brighter and rosier. more healthy. That’s because the undertone and skin tone create up to 12 color groups, so this affects the overall color you wear.
Remember that you are the one wearing the outfit, not the outfit “wearing” you. That’s why you need to get a consultation about your body shape first. This is also the reason why The Sages uses 3D scanning technology with more than 180 indicators to fully understand body shape. At the same time, the main consultants are trained according to the knowledge standards of the Association of International Image Consultants (AICI) to advise you on the most optimal solution.


This question is also one you need to think about before choosing fabric. Do you need a suit for a special event such as a presentation, contract signing or inauguration? Or want to build a streamlined but quality smart wardrobe?
If it is a special event, it will tend to emphasize or express a confident demeanor and a strong message. If you build a wardrobe, you will need to think more about the ability to coordinate while still ensuring your power color palette. You will definitely need the help of trained and experienced consultants.

Use in an air-conditioned office environment or in hot weather? Or do you live in the North where there are 4 seasons or Saigon climate with sunshine all year round? By answering these questions, you will have clear criteria for choosing materials or clothing details that can affect how you wear them.


Clothing is also a means of conveying a message to others about what kind of person you are. So, as you become more and more fashionable, focus on quality instead of ready-to-wear clothes that easily fade and become fuzzy after only a few months of use.
With a wardrobe of 5 shirts, 4 pants, 3 blazers, you can combine more than 20 outfits, all of which are of much better quality than RTW. So, plan your style with the advice of AICI experts. You will be helped to have a quality wardrobe, suitable for your body shape and skin tone.
Once you clearly understand your characteristics and needs, you will make more appropriate decisions instead of being confused by “sales” advice. Be a smart and stylish gentleman.

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