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Tuxedo or Suit for wedding ceremony?

One of the most common questions asked by The Sages when consulting domestic and foreign couples preparing to get married is: what is the appropriate outfit for the groom on the big day?

If conditions allow the groom to invest in a special option, a classic black tuxedo will of course be the top suggestion. At an important milestone in life, a formal black tuxedo will be the most suitable outfit for the bridegroom to show respect to his spouse and all of his family and friends.

When you want to add a bit of personality while still maintaining the timeless beauty of a black tuxedo, woven jacquard fabrics will add subtle accents without detracting from the formality of the tuxedo. Of course, along with a tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and cummerbund, it will be a neat promise from the groom to his partner.

And this black tuxedo will still be useful in any future formal black-tie parties that the owner attends. And if the bridegroom wants an option, so that he can still wear a lot after the wedding, a suit (or what we often call a vest) is the outfit to consider. Of course, unlike the black tuxedo related to culture and history, a suitable suit will need to be consulted based on factors: skin pigmentation, body shape to be most suitable for the person. wear. The Sages will dedicate other articles to share on this topic.