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The difference between the sages’ suit bag

Tailoring has become simpler and more popular in recent years. However, when deciding to invest in a basic tailored suit of 6-7 million or more, users do not pay due attention to the suit bag. When you’ve made a significant investment in a suit, do you want to use a bag that can easily be damaged and affect the suit inside?

The garment covering bag is an important accessory that contributes to ensuring durability as well as convenience when traveling or working. A good suit bag will help:

1. Protect it even if you leave it in the closet to avoid dust, termites and mold.
2. Compact and lightweight but still thick enough to not wrinkle your clothes when going on business or traveling trips.

But if we check the reality in the Vietnamese market, most tailors today still use non-woven fabric bags – which often wrinkle and tear easily after a period of use, just for the reason of cheap price and ease of production. Traditional tailors themselves often put up to 2 bags for this reason, when delivering clothes to customers. In addition, the thin zipper can easily break after just a few uses.

The weight of the dress is within the ideal range (only 500g without clothes and about 2kg when unpacked). Because non-woven fabric bags are often too light, the body of the bag does not have a reinforced layer, and the clothes inside will wrinkle more easily.

The Sages bag has just enough weight to not cause fatigue for the user during travel. The size fits most medium-sized suitcases, so it can be easily put into the suitcase. The bag structure will help clothes reduce wrinkles when in the suitcase, compared to without a bag.

Water proof

The Sages bag has an additional small compartment to hold accessories (ties, belts, pocket squares, socks…) or accompanying outfits. You can add shirts or pants without touching the main compartment of suits.

Investing in a suit is a good thing to enhance your style and show respect to the people you meet. Then you should pay more attention to the suit protective bag.

Don’t hesitate to contact The Sages to experience this different bag.

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