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Hopsack is not really a type of fabric, but a type of weave. It is a basket-like pattern with subtle variations of colors between the threads. The hopsack weave is not too tight, so it is a very breathable fabric.

Hopsack weave can be in many different material types:

  • Wool
  • Blend of wool and cotton
  • Synthetic materials

However, when choosing your hopsack, make sure you choose natural materials such as wool and cotton, and not the synthetic versions.

The problem with synthetic fabrics is your clothes won’t be breathable. Additionally, with time, they will gain a shiny appearance, which will detract from your look.


Now, hopsack will bring a lot of benefits to your wardrobe, these include:

  • Lightweight and breathable: Since it has an open weave, hopsack made with natural fibers is light and breathable, so it is often considered great for spring and summer, although not restricted to these seasons.

Great for traveling: Hopsack is ideal for traveling as it is easy to fold and it won’t wrinkle much. You can take it on a business trip without having to think of a dry cleaning service.

  • Versatile: You can’t go wrong with a hopsack suit, as you can either wear it as a whole or as separate pieces; it is great for business casual looks.
  • Easy to find: Nowadays it is easy to find suits in hopsack weave, so you won’t have a hard time buying this sort of attire.